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BombPots Quests!

Have you experienced BombPots before? If not they are great feature of the online poker room; JackPoker.

So, what are BombPots tables you may ask? Well, effectively they are only some random hands in which all players dealt in the hand pay a contribution into the pot and the flop is delivered, then the poker hand continues as normal, with the usual betting rounds. So if you play a 20NL game, 6 handed, there could in theory be $12 in the pot and a flop on the board prior to anyone acting. This creates a new dynamic to the game and adds value to all players to compete for the pot.

BombPots Quests

Due to the popularity of Bomb Pots, Jack-Poker is announcing a new quest series, with huge prizes on offer for playing at Bomb Pot tables.

  • Players can win up an additional $200 on top of any winnings, just by playing on BombPot tables

Easy level: Win 10 hands with the bomb on the table — $10 instant cash. 

Medium level: Win 5 hands with banks of 300BB or more + generate $100 rake — $40 instant cash. 

Hard level: Play all-in in 20+ hands with a bomb pot + generate $500 or more in rake — $150 instant cash.

BombPots are a fun feature among select tables, in which a special bomb animation is played before the beginning of some hands and the dealer is chosen randomly for each bomb pot. The dealer button movement then continues from the position of the dealer button before the bomb pot. Games available for the Bomb Pot are NL, PLO5 and tables are marked with special bomb icon in the lobby – the names of such tables are: Blast Radius, Shockwave, Dynamite, Blow Up, Explode, Boom, Bang, TNT.

Bombpot Quests
BombPot tables are easily identified as per the name of the room, or the BombPot symbol

These Quests seek to provide a fun and unique playing experience for recreational players, and boost bankrolls through their unlockable bonuses.

This feature will run from 15th January – 30th January,

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  1. Robert Alexander says:

    Bomb Pots add a fun new dynamic to poker tables, it is a great feature for recreational players in particular. Visit Jack Poker to learn more!

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