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poker hand chart
Poker Tools 28-09-2022

Poker Hand Ranking Chart

There are 169 starting hands in Texas hold’em poker, and you will find all of them in our poker hand ranking chart. The hands have went through a simulator millions of times to produce this hand ranking. Therefore, when selecting a poker starting hand to play, you should bear this chart in mind. That is […]

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poker rakeback cashback
Poker Tools 15-07-2022

Rakeback Calculator

A rakeback calculator or cashback calculator is a tool that makes it easy to see how much rakeback you can earn and helps you decide which rakeback site to select. Rakeback Calculator Instructions: Game: $0.10/$0.25$0.25/$0.50$0.50/$1$1/$2$2/$4$3/$6$5/$10 $0.10/$0.25$0.25/$0.50$0.50/$1$1/$2$2/$4$3/$6$5/$10 $1/$2$2/$4$3/$6$5/$10$10/$20$15/$30 $0.50/$1$1/$2$2/$4$3/$6$5/$10$10/$20$15/$30$30/$60 Hands per Day: Rakeback Rate: 25%27%30%33%35%37%40% Daily Rakeback: $ 0 Weekly Rakeback: $ 0 Monthly Rakeback: $ […]

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