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New Twitch Poker Streamer

We are thrilled to let you know that we have sponsored our first poker streamer for 2024!

Radu Tiroi is a small stakes cash game player from Romania, and his stream can be found here: RaduTiroi – Twitch

poker streamer

Radu also has set himself targets/goals, which will keep his motivation levels high, and enjoys chatting to his followers.

Radu plays some great music on stream, at the moment, no webcam or talking but that may change at some point.

Radu has amassed over 2,000 followers on Twitch which is a great achievement, and is hoping to further increase his followers over time, not only with great quality music but by playing some great poker and streaming consistently on the Twitch platform.

So please go forth and give Radu’s stream some love….

We are also looking for other poker streamers to sponsor, so if you are an existing streamer or considering giving it a go, then get in touch with Rakeback Bible.

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